BidPro Plus! dramatically improves your schedule and quality of life with powerful, innovative bidding solutions for airlines and crew members.
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Our Products

Our easy-to-use, intuitive Bidding application allows crew members to view, sort and organize their bid lines to create the bids they really want.
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BidPro Plus! Bidding application displayed on laptop and iPad screens

Our Trip Board application provides the ability for crew members to view their schedules, view available trips, pick up extra trips, and post their unwanted trips for other pilots to pick up.
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BidPro Plus! Trip Board application displayed on desktop computer and iPad screens

What Pilots Are Saying

You guys have a great system! You've already put thousands of dollars into my pocket!
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Larry Brackett
ORD 767 CA I
With your program, I traded a 15 hour 3-day for a 20 hour 3-day. It made me $600 and I got a phone call to alert me. No more checking the computer!
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DFW 767 Intl F/O

Some Of Our Clients

American Airlines
Alaska Airlines