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BidPro is the home of powerful, innovative bidding solutions for airlines and airline crewmembers! 

Our bidding software, online services and other custom applications have been successfully used by airlines and airline crewmembers worldwide for more than 15 years!


Crewmembers ...

If you are a crewmember, we truly have the answer to any bidding need and can help do your monthly bidding faster, easier and more accurately than ever before!

We have comprehensive solutions for bid sorting, bid submittal, open trip notification and trip trading.

Please browse through our site and see what we have to offer for your airline.

You guys have a great system!   You've already put thousands of dollars into my pocket!
Larry Brackett
ORD  767 CA I


Airlines ...

If you are an airline, we can provide a low or no-cost solution for crewmember bidding, trip trading and open trip notification.

Please contact our product development team to find out how BidPro can help your airline increase it's bidding and scheduling efficiency.

Online Payment Service

Available Now:

American Airlines American Eagle AirTran Airways Alaska Airlines IPA

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Coming soon ...

ExpressJet Airlines Southwest Airlines

Prior Airline Customers ...

American Trans Air (ATA) Canadian Airlines Northwest Airlines United Airlines

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